Your programming language sucks

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This week I learned a lot in Ironhack, but maybe for me this is the lesson of the week.

Programming language exist because is a necessary some way to comunicate a human with a machine. It’s all. And exist different programming languages because, like the real life, you can communicate with different ways.

Object Oriented Languages are ‘easy’ for humans because is more friendly because there is a link between your code and the real world and, but some people feel more secure in a functional programming, and is totally different.

Of course, your are a human, and have preferences and have a favorites programming languages than other. And is totally normal.

But this is the lesson: don’t reject to read/collaborate/whatever on a project because isn’t your favorite programming language.

All programming language have good and bad parts, but the important here are that you can learn a programming language and catch what gives you value for you. All programming language have similar parts and programming language are totally awesome because you can resolve a problem with different ways.

Maybe the next time when you check again your favorite project in a favorite language you will find a different and better way to resolve a problem.

Thanks a @rafadc for the conversation!

Kiko Beats

Kiko Beats