UX and emotional design

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Recently I’m interested in this aspects more than ever. Surely because more than ever programmer not is only programmer.

My first contact with this was thanks at Sebastian Hermida (@sbastn), author of the spanish podcast Basta ya de picar (my discover of the year). In the chapter seven he talk about UX and modern design purpose. Of course not was my first contact with the design: I have some design concepts, but Sebastian drew my attention in a way I’d never imagined before. The design was no longer simple, it became something much more intuitive. I was excited.

Case of study: CashCloud

</br> I’m in a proyect called Cashcloud. Is a App for improve a electronic mobile wallet. Something of Cashcloud advantages are:

Cashcloud can become a useful application, but first needs to improve many things.


In the next weeks I will try to improve the design and the user experience and hopefully learn something in the process about this.


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