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I have written a little book called Server Sandbox and the objective of this book is learn some protocols for internet. My english is very bad and only is readable because Elena Torró corrected some things.

But, Why I decided a write a little book?

Practice Markdown

I really love markdown and I think that is the future of the processor of text. I wanted to try if is possible use markdown instead of LibreOffice / Word / Whatever.

My conclusion is that Markdown is still in early adoption and Markdown world need better Markdown editors for world domination.

I started writing the book with Mou, a famous Markdown editor for Mac, and yeah is very useful (even I wrote a Markdown theme based on Flatland but manage different files with Mou is very limited. Isn’t easy.

Later I discover Gitbook platform and the platform uses its own editor, and this is very oriented to write your book comfortably.

Unfortunately Gitbook editor is limited in write books, and at this moment isn’t a markdown editor for general purpose and hasn’t some features than you can do with Mou (and others that both haven’t).

Other reason important is that both programs are only available for Mac. Is not problem for me, but yes for Markdown community.

Have you ever written something in LaTeX? I find LaTex horrible. But LaTeX have good editors and get people to use (crazy people that love LaTeX, of course).

I think that Multiplataform Markdown editor is necessary, and need to be a good editor than can be competitive. It is still early, but Gitbook is a good effort and I hope you continue to grow such initiatives.

Make University funny

So yes, because my university sometimes is very bored. Some subjects and teachers are fun and interesting but not all. I decided to write my notes like a book of a subject and share it. I do prefer sharing my notes before they gather dust in my dropbox folder.


Now I know how long need to write which is also what I wanted to know (and it’s more than I thought). The next book is cooking!

Kiko Beats

Kiko Beats