Road to JavaScript #1

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Web Components

All people know that Web components are the future, but nowadays exist different valid ways to get it.

What? Don’t know what are Web Components and, most important answer, why?

I’ll try not to think you’re being an outdated and teach you some things. Or better, @addyosmani teach you for me!

![]( ## FIRST Principle in others words: ``` Keep it (F)ocused. Keep it (I)ndependent. Keep it (R)eusable. Keep it (S)mall. Keep it (T)estable. ``` [See the article](, is awesome! ![]( ## Scalable Design Patterns Javascript is growing and need big solutions for big architectures. This [article]( exaplein how to make your infrastructure to be more easy to maintain, with real examples. [Patterns For Large-Scale JavaScript Application Architecture]( is a complementary article. MUST READ! ![]( ## The Bad Parts of NodeJS Very interesting [article]( about what nodejs need to improve the be consider a madure alternative for serious business. ![]( ## Module Patterns in NodeJS Very nice [website]( that explain different ways to generate module for Node.js ![]( ## Error Messages in Javascript Great [article]( that explain the different type of error that exist in javascript and how to uses it. ![]( ## Best Javascript Talks Finally I discovered [this repository]( that is a compilation of the best talks. Must to visit! Also don't forget visit [JSConf videos of this year](
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