Road to JavaScript #4

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Cyberwizard Institute

Cyberwizard Institute is an amazing iniciative to share knowledge in a collaborative free space called sudoroom (awesome name) in Oakland, California (sorry guys, but this name ALWAYS remember me Proffesor Oak).

If like me you can’t go it, not problem, because they, of course, have a Github Organization and share all.

The workshops section is very useful with knowlegde for different levels and different topic.

I started reading Career advice from Tom, and for me now is a MUST READ.

Take some time and take a tour because it’s worth.

Free for dev (|| nerd)

This is a list of awesome stuff that are free for developers: platform, servers, software… you can’t say that you can’t do it!

CSON, CoffeeScript JSON format

If you know a little of me, you know that I’m in love with CoffeeScript, but in the real life you can’t use it every time that you want.

CSON is the CoffeeScript JSON format out of the box. The library provides you all that you need for convert between format, read, write and I found it very elaborate. I want to use it!

Tips for write better code

I saw this post in reddit that is very interesting with some useful tips, but for me, this is the best and I want to use in my next projects:

function property(newValue) {
  if (!arguments.length) return property;
  property = newValue;
  return this;

The author of the comment says:

I completely agree with this. Bostock has some awesome patterns. Specifically his reusable chart pattern which is very similar to the pattern that Crockford presented in his javascript the good parts (part II) talk.

I recomend saw the talk as well, with more some useful tips for one of the best JavaScript programmers:

Kiko Beats

Kiko Beats