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Jobs Titles Are a Lie

A job title is just something that resumes your professional profile.

Landing Page Engineer sounds fine to me Kiko Beats

That’s so difficult; It’s like trying to resume your entire life in a tweet, but at the same time it’s necessary.

People out there need to figurate what kind of problem resolver are you.

That doesn’t mean you can do only that (probably yes in your daily job), but it’s a way to project what kind of jobs are you interested in.

Junior/Senior Dilemma Is Not About Knowledge

You are going to be eventually a Senior in a very specific aspect, but still Junior in most of the engineer aspects.

That’s something that is happening all the time, just because engineering englobes so many things.

The Junior/Senior dilemma is about projecting the years of experience in your job title align with what you want to work.

Also, it’s a way for recruiters to fit your profile with their salary range batch.

But the most important thing: Don’t take it too seriously.

You are not your job title, it’s just a projection.

Negotiation Is Important

Even you are in the same job title and salary range that your colleges, that doesn’t mean you have the same benefits.

That is not happening because Human Resources departments are horrible people; it’s happening simply every person and conditions are different.

A non-exhaustive list of simple things that fluctuates your base salary could be:

Negotiate your initial base salary is one of the most important decisions in financial terms. It’s your main source of money.

Always, try to negotiate. Try it, not demand it.

Just a good moment to negotiate. It could be later when you demonstrate your potential in the company.

Understand how much you worth. Setup middle/long term goals in your professional career inside the company and acts consistently to move forward.

Kind of Engineers

Your job as a programmer is solving problems, not writing code. Solving problems requires:

  1. Finding and identifying the problem.
  2. Coming up with a solution.
  3. Implementing the solution.

Based on that, we can divide your professional profile into

The benefit from the move from Implementers to Finders is about autonomy:


Kiko Beats

Kiko Beats