JS MythBusters

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Recently I run the website JS MythBusters. The idea behind the site is perfomance matters.

I wanted to collect tiny and useful perfomance tips for the day a day, but not too specific or low level: Just a set a good practices that you can take in consideration in your development workflow.

I don’t want write assembler code in JavaScript; If I can write something using different ways, I want to know what is best and why.

For example, one of my favorite that can be a real impact in the perfomance of your architecture is simply how to create timestamps.

One of the thing that I put effort was the community factor: every tip have a comment box. Could be possible that you think that the tip is not actually true, so you can comment about it. Also provided the source as bibliography.

I’m happy how it’s working. Next step is have a logo. 😄

Kiko Beats

Kiko Beats