Google 6^5th rule

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A very nice metric used by the Google Team for the Google+ Redesign that I want to conserved in this publication.

Totally focused in mobile first, less is more. Curiously Polymer is not present in the redesign.

The same week I read another post talking about the cost of the frameworks, that says, in resume, vainilla always win.

Frameworks are an inversion of control. The reason I parked libraries earlier on is that you can swap them out. Frameworks, on the other hand, invert control. They control the lifecycle of the app, and give you entry points where your code runs. You’re still responsible for the final code, but you’re not in control.

Both posts totally recommended to, as developers, understand better the implication of load the same code every time that an user enter in the site.

Be careful with your code…

Kiko Beats

Kiko Beats