Design for failing

January 15, 2018

Errors are frustating.

But in the tech culture, the errors are everywhere all time.

When you design a error situation, think how the user feels under this context. A good error message should be:

At the end of the day, errors are part of the product and the business culture for communicating something was wrong.

Threy are not only for final user app: We need to communicate good errors message in all your developments layers.

Think in the user experience behind read a developer that looks like:

The raw error output looks difficult to read.

Compare with see the same error with the correct identation and well printed:

pretty-errors help you output good error presentations.

Print good errors is important. Presentation is important. Human eye match is important!

svr printing minimal errors, using color and icons to have a visual impact.

Try to communicate what and why is happening with the less information possible, removing the unnecessary information for the current user abstraction layer.

At we always suggest a point to get more information.

Always try to provide a point to get more information, making possible extend the context, specially if you are creating collaborative software.