Chatting from your terminal

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If you are a real freak, you must hangouts/facebook/whatever-that-support-XMPP-protocol chat from terminal:

How to

1) Install profanity and run profanity from your terminal:

$ profanity

2) Setup the account that you want to chat, for example, if you can chat with hangouts (Google):

/account add google
/account set google jid [email protected]
/account set google server
/account set google port 5432

more information here.

3) Login your account:

/connect google
[enter the password]
  1. And finally know the typical command to interative with the chat:
/who <status> # (you can autocomplete with tab)
/msg <name> # (you can autocomplete with tab)
/win <number> # change the window (also use F1-F5)


change the theme:

/theme list
/theme set <name>

Feel like a little Nick!

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Kiko Beats