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Best CoffeeScript resources

Coffeescript at CodeSchool

If you need to know if Coffeescript is your future favorite language and you don't want learn tutorial this is the best a practical approach.

Coffeescript at Codeschool

The little book of Coffeescript

Very good book to know the principles of Coffeescript and sums up the language in an easy and friendly way.

Essential if you want to know more about coffeescript.

Little book of Coffeescript

Coffeescript, un peque�o gran libro

Spanish book that explain very good all about coffeescript for javascript programmers, especially some concepts that programmers often do not consider.

Coffeescript, un peque�o gran libro

HardRock Coffeescript

Love this book because is very easy to read, explain the major features of the language and also design pattern. In general is a resume of others big book. I highly recommend it.

HardRock Coffeescript

Cofeescript Cookbook

This book is awesome. Explain the concept but starting from the problem. Including design patterns and others typical cuestions.

Cofeescript Cookbook

Bonus: Coffeescript on Reddit