Hey, nice to meet you!

Hey, nice to meet you!

I'm Kiko Beats, programmer and software engineer. At the moment I'm writing this, I'm 23.67 years old — that's 8639.55 days to be precise!

I'm a graduate in Computer Science and Software Engineering of the University of Murcia, specialized in Information Technology.

Although I want to have an academic profile (one of my life's objetives is to join in the MIT PhD program), I need to put in practice what I learn to consolidate knowledge.

I'm currently working at SocialBro – a platform to optimize Twitter marketing strategies, discovering, segmenting and executing actions based in audiences – with an awesome team of talented people.

Behind the scenes, we use JavaScript to connect many services, such as IBM Watson supercomputer, different databases and all the things you can imagine related with Big Data.

I enjoy experimenting with code. Some of the code I feel more proud of are those small pieces of code that I can combine in any project in order to build something bigger and deeper, for example:

  • Bumped – Makes easy release software. Pre and Post hooks for the deploy process.
  • Fetch Timeline – Fetching Twitter user's timeline from your terminal.
  • Acho – An extremely simple (but powerful) logging system for NodeJS and browser.
  • Finepack – Organizes and maintains readable your JSON files.
  • JSON Future – Modern JSON interface as proposition for ECMAScript 7.

...and more in my GitHub.

Don't read bad: I love using JavaScript because it's easy, small, plug-and-play, and it gives you early feedback. However, the programming language is just the tool. The programmer is the problem solver, the one who has to use the proper tools.

I believe in the importance of Open Source. In a world where software is increasingly decisive, the only way to improve your code (and yourself) is by sharing knowledge. I've contributed in projects like Atom, Sails, Async, Meteor or Ghost.

Another important point associated with Open Source is the culture generated around the projects, and people who make it possible. Culture and people are the two factors I want to have in my everyday work.

Culture and people team are the two factor that I want to have in my job.

However, it's not all about code. I need to be active. Believe it or not, sport makes me a better programmer! I'm specially in love with windsurfing, but I also like running mid/long distances and carving the city on my longboard.