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  1. Too long proyect name is too long

    Yesterday I wanted to create a new Github repository, but the name of the repository seemed long. But hey, what is long? A little experiment to view how Github manage the length of a proyect name, URL, resume, and file. Yeap, I pasted a txt of the Bible. Only the…

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  2. Road to JavaScript #1

    Web Components All people know that Web components are the future, but nowadays exist different valid ways to get it. What? Don't know what are Web Components and, most important answer, why? I'll try not to think you're being an outdated and teach you some things. Or better, @addyosmani teach…

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  3. Javascript for Sublime

    Better Javascript JavaScript have many ways to do something and sometimes Sublime Text can't interpeter good your Javascript code. For Example, If you define methods with prototype and try to use cmd + R shortcut to access it isn't possible. In general this plugin fix this type of errors an convert…

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  4. The power of ZSH

    This days I have discovered zsh, oh-my-zsh and finally pure. Now, I'm happy. I adapted and revised my dotfiles to make it compatible with zsh. I've had rewritten some function that now works fine in bash/zsh and most are related to Git and Github. For example, if you are…

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  5. Server Sandbox

    I have written a little book called Server Sandbox and the objective of this book is learn some protocols for internet. My english is very bad and only is readable because Elena TorrĂ³ corrected some things. But, Why I decided a write a little book? Practice Markdown I really love…

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  6. Best CoffeeScript resources

    Coffeescript at CodeSchool If you need to know if Coffeescript is your future favorite language and you don't want learn tutorial this is the best a practical approach. Coffeescript at Codeschool The little book of Coffeescript Very good book to know the principles of Coffeescript and sums up the language…

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