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Computer Scientist and Software Engineer specialized in networks, but the most important thing: very passionate person who loves to making stuff in internet.

  1. 101: Survive a deploy with Heroku and Git

    Useful commands Logs in real time $ heroku logs --tail --app=appName Active production mode for Nodejs projects $ heroku config:set NODE_ENV=production --app=appName Restart application $ heroku restart --app=appName Setting scale $ heroku ps:scale web=1 --app=appName Added remote heroku repository $ heroku git:remote -a appName Bonus…

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  2. El papel del programador en la sociedad

    ¬°En el idioma de la patria! …

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  3. Your programming language sucks

    This week I learned a lot in Ironhack, but maybe for me this is the lesson of the week. Programming language exist because is a necessary some way to comunicate a human with a machine. It's all. And exist different programming languages because, like the real life, you can communicate…

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  4. Chatting from your terminal

    If you are a real freak, you must hangouts/facebook/whatever-that-support-XMPP-protocol chat from terminal: How to 1) Install profanity and run profanity from your terminal: $ profanity 2) Setup the account that you want to chat, for example, if you can chat with hangouts (Google): /account add google /account set google…

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  5. Too long proyect name is too long

    Yesterday I wanted to create a new Github repository, but the name of the repository seemed long. But hey, what is long? A little experiment to view how Github manage the length of a proyect name, URL, resume, and file. Yeap, I pasted a txt of the Bible. Only the…

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