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Computer Science & Software Engineer specialized in Technology of the information, but the most important thing: very passionate person who loves to making stuff in internet.

  1. Git Submodule can be your friend

    Initialize submodule git submodule init git submodule update Add a submodule git submodule add git:// rack Delete a submodule git submodule deinit asubmodule git rm asubmodule git rm --cached asubmodule Update a submodule git submodule foreach git pull origin master …

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  2. Component Driven Development Talk

    Yesterday I gave a talk talk in Betabeers Murcia about sailor and how hack the backend using components like webComponents in the frontend. (with sailor demo inside) I am excited because people liked it and I met some interesting people (included Amazon employee and secret-drones-things-that-are-secret). Also I'm excited to finish…

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  3. JavaScript Event Loop

    When you are interesting in understand better how internally JavaScript works you think in the execution stack: how the process is loaded in memory and when you call a function, each function have a independient space of memory. When a process is loaded in memory, the memory of the process…

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  4. Fusion Drive for cool people

    Fusion Drive is a Apple technology for make a logic unit like RAID 0 combining a traditional HDD and a SSD. You can the advantage of both: The system distribute the information that you use with more frequently in the SDD because you need feel that works fast, and also…

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  5. CoffeeScript Fat Arrow BUSTED

    CoffeeScript is much more than a simple language that compile to Javascript: It makes my code clean, readable and more easy to maintainable. I try to give my code pure object-oriented approach. With CoffeeScript is more easy, but sometimes is difficult too. When you're handling callbacks you can not see…

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